LED Light Up Shoes for Kids

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Get LIT Shoes for Kids

Kids have loved light up shoes since the early 90s. Now children light up shoes have been upgraded from a stomp on the ground to the press of a button. So, kids these days get the delight of shoes that light up with much easier use. In the near future all parents will be having their kids wanting a pair of Get LIT LED shoes.

Kid’s Hightop Light Up Shoe Styles

Kids Choose Their Own Style

Even before kids put the LED shoes on their feet they’ll be having fun looking through the different colors. The Get LIT LED shoes for kids have many different colors to choose from to illuminate their shoes. For instance, kids can light up their shoes with red, green, blue, light green, teal, purple or light blue and change colors with the press of a button. They even have the option to use a strobe light mode or a three color changing mode that can be customized to whatever color their hearts desire.

Kids Stay Safe in the Dark

Parents will feel at ease with their kids in a pair of light up sneakers. Due to the attention grabbing brightness of these shoes with lights playing in the dark will be much safer. Games like tag and hide and seek will never be the same with kids running around in their glowing shoes. All kids will want a pair of their own as they chase after their friends in light up shoes. As a result parents will be happy with the safety of the shoes while kids are enjoying the light up fun.

Kid’s Mesh Trainer Light Up Shoe Styles

Long Lasting Fun

Kids can enjoy non-stop fun of their light up shoes with the use of the USB rechargeable battery. A particularly easy to use charger is included with the purchase of LIT LED shoes. Lasting up to six hours for use, with only a couple hours needed to charge, kids will get a lot of use out of their LED shoes. Wearing these rechargeable light up shoes allow the kids to keep having fun all day and all night.

Illuminating Imagination

Being a kid is the best time to enjoy life with the freedom of a big imagination. Get LIT shoes for kids brightens the fun in their everyday life. Grab your kid a pair of LED shoes and they will be the talk of the playground. They will have other children stare in awe and wonderment as they flash their futuristic shoes.  Running around the playground is given flash as kids speed past in their light up sneakers.

Soon after watching children enjoy their new light up shoes parents will want a pair for themselves. Which is why Get LIT has LED shoes for adults too! Parents can buy themselves light up shoes when they buy a pair for their kids. Together kids and parents can light up the world with their feet. Kids get to be kids and adults get to feel like a kid again as they Get LIT and let their imaginations run free.

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