LED Light Up Shoes for Men


Get LIT Shoes for Men

LIT will make you feel like a kid again with Light Up Shoes for adults. Shoes with lights are the way of the future when it comes to footwear. Without delay you will stand out among the crowd in a pair of LED shoes. Light up your life, literally, by jumping into a pair of these futuristic footwear. This is a dynamic shoe that will make you a unique trendsetter not only to your friends but to the entire world. Everything around you will brighten with a pair of LED shoes on your feet.

Men’s Hightop Shoe Styles

How Do I Charge the Shoes?

LIT has a wide variety of shoes including LED high tops, LED low tops, and LED trainers. There are seven static colors to choose from including red, green, blue, light green, teal, purple and light blue. Control of the colors are at your fingertips with an easy-to-use USB button. This button allows the user to change from color to color by means of a strobe mode or three color changing customize-able mode. Customize colors to change with your mood using this small simple button. Shoes that glow in your favorite color will be like your own personal light show.

Stay LIT all night with these rechargeable light up shoes. The shoes come with a rechargeable battery that is an amazing alternative to the harsh impact that one-time use batteries have on the environment. A battery that takes only a couple hours to charge and lasts for up to six hours will keep you illuminated all night long. Included with your purchase of LED shoes from LIT will be a charger to help you get as much use as you can out of your shoes. All you have to do is charge them up and you will shine all through the night.

Men’s Sport Trainers

Get LIT at Events

There are plenty of events and activities that are perfect for wearing LIT LED shoes. Be the envy of dancers at festivals and raves as you dance around in your shoes with lights. As soon as you’re dancing around in your LED shoes all eyes will be on you as you illuminate the dance floor with your feet. Many running events around the world take place at night and would be the perfect chance to show off your LIT shoes. Thus, wearing a pair of these LED shoes at a fun 5K will keep your path LIT all the way to the finish line. You’ll brighten up any event you attend while wearing a pair of LIT LED shoes.

Get LIT wherever you go

Notably, these shoes can be worn for more than special occasions or events. They’re great to wear when walking or running around your neighborhood at night, especially in dimly lit areas. Therefore, you are sure to be seen, wherever you go, with a pair of these glowing shoes on your feet. Walk safely through the night with your feet as your flashlight. Life will be LIT when you grab a pair of these light up sneakers for yourself and even a friend.